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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Life and Times of North Bridge


The original stone bridge. 

This view shows the North Bridge over Hebble Brook in Halifax, which stood for nearly 100 years from 1774 to 1871. 

 A south-east view of the North Bridge, Halifax

The 'new' North Bridge

Burdock Way
Completed as a cast iron arch bridge in 1869. Designed by John Fraser. The contractor was Archibald Neill of Bradford, and the ironwork was supplied by J. Cliff and Son of Bradford. Now only the original outer pairs of arch ribs are cast iron, the inner five being steel replacements for four original arches. The original inner arch ribs were each assembled from four castings, while the middle 52ft long lection was fabricated from wrought iron plate. 

 This article 'Burdock Way' explains the building of the dual carriageway

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