View from Beacon Hill

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Calder and Hebble

The Calder and Hebble Navigation runs for about 21 miles between Wakefield and Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire.
It is open for navigation throughout its length. The section between Sowerby Bridge and Cooper Bridge forms part of the South Pennine Ring.
The "cruise" runs from east to west, but includes views of the canal looking in either direction.
Brighouse to Elland
Brighouse Basin

Elland Wharf
Elland to Sowerby Bridge

Friday, 20 February 2015

Calderdale Ramblers

Welcome to the weblog of the Calderdale Ramblers.


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Members and non-members are welcome to come along on any of our walks. Please see the “Information” page for details of how the walks are run and what you should bring along on them.

Beacon Hill in winter

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Halifax Tunnels

In an earlier post 'Can you fill in the Gaps', I asked if anyone new anything about any old disused tunnels in town. Mick Batty led me to the following website about Halifax County Borough Control Sub -Area Control.


                    Built in 1921 underneath what was the Tram depot but now Halifax Bus Garage it included a brick vaulted basement running under three of the depot bays and the external yard. The basement was roughly triangular in shape consisting of five parallel vaulted tunnels, each one slightly longer than its neighbour. The three longer tunnels (under the depot) had a stairway into the tram bays above. The two shorter tunnels under the yard were accessed by a single stairway at one side. There is a cross corridor linking the tunnels.

Another website link (above) explains the situation with:-
  1. Well Heads
  2. Wheatley
  3. Lee Bank
  4. Old Lane
  5. "Dean Clough Mill"
So I now have answers to my railway tunnel searches but still nothing on the secret tunnels around the town centre.

Halifax from above

The link below shows some excellent historic photographs of Halifax from above


Bull Green 1928
King Cross 1931

Queensbury Railway Tunnel

The Queensbury Tunnel was one of the most significant engineering achievenments on the 'Queensury Lines', a group of three railway lines connecting Keighley, Halifax and Bradford. The routes were built and operated by the Grat Northern and also the Lancashire and yorkshire Railway Companies and were opened in 1882. Queensbury Tunnel was completed in 1879. The routes suffered from low usage, steep gradients and flooding was an issue within Queensbury Tunnel. The network was closed in 1955, 9 years before Beeching got his hands on the railways.

The Queensury tunnel is 2501 yards long, completely straight and drops to the south. The strines cutting at the south end has been blocked off, resulting in flooding of the cutting to above the portal of the tunnel at its southern end. According to various reports, the tunnel is variably flooded to between 400 and 800 yards of its length. The tunnel is 430 feet below the hillside at its deepest point, presumably where it passes beneath Queensbury village, which directly overlies the tunnel.


Since abandonment, the tunnel was used by Leeds University for some physics experiments, although this does not appear to have happened recently.

There have been proposals to backfill the tunnel with landfill, however as yet this has not taken place. Inside the tunnel, there is evidence of survey work with areas highlighted with spray paint, including a 'fill line' just below the invert level of the roof. Also, reflective chainage markers have recently been placed in the tunnel, supplementing the older sprayed on numbers. Chainage is measured from the north end.

As the tunnel is blocked off at one end, there is no airflow through the tunnel. Consequently, the air inside the tunnel is very stale. This is immediately noticeable on entering. I got as far as chainage marker 86, (1900 yards) before the air became very poor, once I got a waft of sulphide gas (bad eggs) I decided that it was not a good idea to go further. This decline in air quality must be recent as there are reports where people have gone further. 

Another website with some great pictures below
Lee Mount

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Lost Railways

Sometimes, when I am searching the internet, I come across a gem of a website. The following link is one of them. It tells the full story (with maps and photographs) of railways after their existence.

If you don't find what you want to know within this site - it probably isn't worth knowing.

Wheatley Viaduct

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ramsdens Brewery

From one very distinctive building to another- Thomas Ramsden's Stone Trough Brewery    

The Stone Trough brewery at Wards End, Halifax. It was, originally, founded by Peter Beck in the mid-1800's and got its name from the local area that had a number of wells and springs, which ran through a series of stone troughs. It became Thomas Ramsden's brewery in 1881 and was reconstructed some six years later. Ramsden's became well-known for their Stone Trough Ales and in 1964 were the target of a takeover by Joshua Tetley of Leeds. This, unfortunately, was the death knell for the old brewery and it was closed and demolished in 1968.
The site was redeveloped eventually to become the head office of the Halifax Building Society.(written by Colin Newbitt)

  Lloyds Bank (was Halifax Building Society)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Workhouse and Gaol

Here are a couple of interesting notes taken from the Rossbret Institutions website about historic workhouse and gaol conditions.



Illingworth Gaol

Can you Fill in the Gaps?

Can you fill in the gaps
Having lived here all my life, you would think I would know more about my hometown. The fact that I don't is frustrating me so can you help? I have numbered each one so you can refer to whichever one you have information on.
Question 1. I know there used to be a few tunnels joining several places of the town but where were they and are any still accessible? I would love to film a passage video if any do exist. I did hear that there was one at Lee Mount, one at the Shay and others from middle of the Old Cock hotel to a) the market, b) the Parish Church, c) Gaol Lane. I also heard stories of one from Illingworth Jail to town and another from Shibden area to town.
The Old Cock Inn


Question 2. On Norland moor there is some kind of bunker but who has access to it and if its you,would I be able to view it, please?
Question 3. Is there anyone reading this with information and/or pictures of one of the towns past characters (Lilly Fogg). I know there is a song about her and I have also heard several tales about her (well known) reputation as a lady of the night.
Question 4. I am always on the lookout for articles or tours of Halifax places with an interesting history e.g.. Mackintoshes factory, Fountain Head brewery, the Old Cock Inn, Ring o'Bells, Dean Clough, many, many more. So, if you know about any or, even better, can give me a guided tour, then I would appreciate your time.
 Question 5. Haunted houses and pubs. Lots of pubs have claims to be haunted but which ones? and what are the stories behind them?
Question 6. The Beatles once stayed at Holdsworth House, Royalty has visited town and several top bands were here in the sixties but who has pictures of any of these occasions?
Holdsworth House
Question 7.  Some of Halifax's more popular characters include:- Big Daddy, Welly Bob Jim, the lady who sold you the out of date 'green final' (football results) at the Shay, Kenny Carter, many more but can you tell a true story about any of them?
Question 8.  The day the Shaymen beat Man Utd,  Halifax RL winning the Challenge Cup and any other sporting successes. Can you tell the tale?
Question 9.  The Bridge Inn in Ripponden has claims to be the oldest pub in Yorkshire. Heath Grammar Schools' stone chiselled entrance sign was spelled wrong(Grammer), Ed Sheeran was born in Hebden Bridge. What facts can you tell us about our town?
Question 10. We have had several films filmed or partly filmed in and around the town including 'Room at the Top', 'Nicholas Nickleby', 'This Sporting Life', 'Brassed Off' and 'Wuthering Heights. Do you have any memorabilia?
'This Sporting Life'  starring Richard Harris and partly filmed at Thrum Hall