Ramsdens Brewery

From one very distinctive building to another- Thomas Ramsden's Stone Trough Brewery    

The Stone Trough brewery at Wards End, Halifax. It was, originally, founded by Peter Beck in the mid-1800's and got its name from the local area that had a number of wells and springs, which ran through a series of stone troughs. It became Thomas Ramsden's brewery in 1881 and was reconstructed some six years later. Ramsden's became well-known for their Stone Trough Ales and in 1964 were the target of a takeover by Joshua Tetley of Leeds. This, unfortunately, was the death knell for the old brewery and it was closed and demolished in 1968.
The site was redeveloped eventually to become the head office of the Halifax Building Society.(written by Colin Newbitt)

  Lloyds Bank (was Halifax Building Society)


  1. My Mother work here in the bottling department for over ten years. As it was only at the top of our street it was 5 Min walk to work.


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