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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Halifax Post Office

Halifax Post Office through the ages

(centre) The Old Post Office down Winding Road

So - where was the first Post Office in Halifax located? It was in Winding Road - then known as Windhill Lane - where it becomes Smithy Stake, today the usefully renamed ‘The Old Post Office’, formerly ‘The Bowling Green Inn’. The only postman in those days for the township of Halifax was a man always referred to as “Joe Post”; a little thick-set man who wore a blue serge apron when delivering letters. He lived at the corner house at the top of Well Lane.

In or before the year 1829, the Post Office removed to 10 Cheapside. This new location was on the south side of that thoroughfare, near where the Royal Bank of Scotland currently stands. Commercial Street did not then exist. 

Who was Tabitha Bagnold?

By June 1850 the Halifax ‘Guardian’ was reporting new premises had “been taken at number 6 George Street

Then in 1887 a new purpose-built General Post Office was opened some fifty yards away in Commercial Street

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