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Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Pace Egg

The Pace Egg play is performed each year on Good Friday in the towns and villages in the Upper Calder Valley.  The name derives from the Latin word for Easter - Pasche. This film documents the street performances of the play in which the actors are dressed in traditional mummers costumes.
The film opens with a train passing though the valley and a title which reads, “The Pace-Egg.”  The commentary explains that the Calder Valley is an industrial highway at the crossroads of many of the larger cities of Yorkshire and home to a diversity of industry in its own right.  This commentary is accompanied with examples of the various motorways and industrial buildings in the valley including Calder Mill. 

The film then goes on to explain the history of the Calder Valley showing parts of the old towns, bridges, churches, and the early industrial factories near the water.  Children can be seen walking around the small lanes in an old town.  Additionally, sheep farms and the expansive moors which surround the valley can be seen.
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