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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Halifax in the 50's

 Take a look at this great video of  Halifax 1950's and 60's
This reel of film consists of a number of different films taken around Halifax from varying years and film stocks.  Made by the Halifax Cine Club, the films included in this reel are in the following order:
Saturday Morning Out - Halifax
Mass Exodus - Halifax Wakes Week
Hairdressing Competition at Alexandra Hall
Steady As You Go
Hairdressing Competition for Men

This film captures a normal Saturday hustle and bustle in the city centre during the early 1950s.  It gives an interesting example of contemporary fashions and everyday life truly capturing the look and feel of the time.  Click here for video link

 This next link (below)is a film which dramatises the history of the textile industry and its effects on the city of Halifax complete with narration, music, and commentary. The film opens with a title card - History of Halifax and Wool Production Following the title card are shots of the countryside on the outskirts of Halifax, including some hills with sheep roaming in the open fields. There are two donkeys being led up the path, one by an older man, and one by a boy. Also on the hills of the countryside, a man hangs a piece of textile on hooks while the commentary tells of older forms of punishment specific to the textile industry from the 18th century.
Further effects of the industry are displayed by the various names of city streets and buildings in Halifax. This is followed by images of what modern day Halifax is like in the area surrounding the Parish Church. While the narrator does observe how heavily built up the city has become, he does also state that there is still room for recreation in designated park areas of the city. In addition to the modernization of Halifax, construction of the PN Wickly College for Further Education has also been documented.  Click here for video link

The next reel of film consists of a number of different films from varying years and film stocks. The films included in this reel are in the following order: A Motor Run (1929) Opening of the Old Holiday Home at Norland (1937) Northowram Hospital Opening (1934) Opening of Gorple Reservoir (1934) The Great Yorkshire Show at Halifax (1939) Billet of Soldiers in Halifax (1940) VE Day (1945) Snow Scenes in Halifax (c. 1940) Halifax Smoke (c. 1945) Halifax from Beacon Hill (1948) Around the Town (1953) Coronation Flowers (1953) Billy Smarts Circus (1953) Opening of Shibden Hall Folk Museum (1953) Procession to the Shay (1953) Laying of Church Foundation Stone (1953) Building of Crossfield Bus Station (1954) Fire in Bull Green Halifax (1955) Lord Mackintosh Given Freedom of Halifax (1954) Ice Skating at the Shay (1963
Another video link

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