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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Halifax Tunnels

In an earlier post 'Can you fill in the Gaps', I asked if anyone new anything about any old disused tunnels in town. Mick Batty led me to the following website about Halifax County Borough Control Sub -Area Control.


                    Built in 1921 underneath what was the Tram depot but now Halifax Bus Garage it included a brick vaulted basement running under three of the depot bays and the external yard. The basement was roughly triangular in shape consisting of five parallel vaulted tunnels, each one slightly longer than its neighbour. The three longer tunnels (under the depot) had a stairway into the tram bays above. The two shorter tunnels under the yard were accessed by a single stairway at one side. There is a cross corridor linking the tunnels.

Another website link (above) explains the situation with:-
  1. Well Heads
  2. Wheatley
  3. Lee Bank
  4. Old Lane
  5. "Dean Clough Mill"
So I now have answers to my railway tunnel searches but still nothing on the secret tunnels around the town centre.

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